Orstina of Havenmond – Professor of Transference


A Half-Elf Sorceress from Havenmond, Orstina is well travelled across Tharador, having done her studies in Brightstone’s Bruderland College. She now is temporarily teaching as a Professor of Transferrence at Ardris, though the reasons for her appearance there are a mystery to students. In reality she is there to oversee the autopsy of the Riverstalker Cadaver that was brought to Ardris from her own college.

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The full story

Orstina of Havenmond – Professor of Transference

Born in the first century of the third era, Orstina was raised as the daughter of a wealthy merchant who had taken an Elven wife during one of his voyages to Nan Thalias. Her father is now long passed and her mother since returned to her homeland and has grieved for centuries, but Orstina has pushed on for the sake of progress – for she was gifted well with magic as a young girl. Even as a child she knew this, and her mother honed her skills. By the time Orstina was thirty (barely a woman for a half-elf) her father had passed in illness and her mother entered her inconsolable state of grieving. Left to her own, she had lost her two mentors in her life and the only person that might help her understand the ways to wield Minera’s Breath. Though Orstina was accepted at the opulent University of Canos in Draksborne, though war broke out soon after between Draksborne and her homeland of Karkanoth. Thus she was forced to travel northeast to Brightstone, attending Bruderland College, one of the very few magic schools of northern Tharador.

Still, she found herself well mentored there despite her low expectations. Artemis, the Headmaster, took Orstina under his wing and saw keen potential in her. She excelled at naturomancy, telomancy and other more niche forms of magic. When she graduated, rather than take position in a place of power or political importance (such as The Watchers or a Court Wizard) she chose to remain at Bruderland, researching into more niche schools of magic and specializing in Oldavori Blood Magic and Gene Research. When the body of a Liturium-infused Riverstalker arrived in the college, she thought that perhaps it may be some sort of leftover Colossal experiment that escaped captivity from the fallen empire. That or a Colossal somewhere in the wastes of Oldavor had picked up where their ancestors left off.

Though Bruderland had no means to deal with the cadaver, she knew Ardris in Belfrie was very well acquainted with the antimagic properties of Liturium. She recommended to Artemis that the body be transferred there, and she would teleport herself to Ardris to explain the situation and prepare for its arrival. Though the people of Ardris were unfamiliar with Riverstalkers regular biology, so they required Orstina to remain in the tower and act as a new professor of transference magic in the school. Then once the body arrived, she would aid in the dissection and research process.

Owing to her cold upbringing, Orstina often comes off as being calculating and at times cruel. Students fear her, though in reality she displays an icy exterior to ward off time wasters, but will find herself dedicated to any that pique her interest or show true promise. She is incredibly keen to befriend other intellectuals and magic users, but shows little regard for mundane folk.

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