Orodvylian – Vanguard Arcane Golem


The Vanguard variant of the Orodwys Golems. The Orodvylian are the bruisers of the Leacianan army. Made to be larger and more intimidating than the Orodwys, they are in fact installed with lesser armour for how disposable they are in battle – used more as a demoralisation tool than an actual combat construct. Still, even on the front lines the Orodvylian is capable of effectively neutralizing large amounts of targets before it falls if it is able to close the distance and enter melee range of its enemies.

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The full story

Orodvylian – Vanguard Arcane Golem

When the Orodwys was first developed for combat capabilities, it was designed in mind as a heavy hitting artillery construct that mostly stayed in the mid to backlines of a battle. Many Elves on the front lines still lost their lives, and if the Orodwys was sent to the front it usually did not fair well. To counter this, the Orodvylian was constructed as an alternate model. This model was made specifically to be a frontline fighter and vanguard, though made with weaker materials than the Orodwys for how disposable it was made.

Still, it was given a fearsome appearance designed to startle and strike fear into the hearts of enemy combatants on the battlefield. Although this worked exceptionally at the start of the Liturium War, the Coalition forces quickly realised that the Orodvylian were easier to take down than their smaller counterparts that fired arcane missiles from the back lines. Doubly so after the Golden Griffins had turned against their High Elven allies and shared much of Leacianus’ military intelligence they held.

Now only the greenest grunts fear the Orodvylians, but it doesn’t stop the Leacianans from mass producing the unit and sending it against the frontlines of the coalition forces. Each one is still worth the weight of a dozen armoured men.

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