Fyrindel – Juvenile Mana Wyrm


A young Mana Wyrm under the control of Leacianan forces. The manoeuvrability, speed and agility of Fyrindel and its kin make it a devastating tool of Leacianus in war. There are no natural creatures that can so precisely move in the sky as Fyrindel and other Mana Wyrms do. Therefore even a juvenile one can assure air superiority for Leacianus, and in missions like the assault on the Spetsigs, air presence matters.

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The full story

Fyrindel – Juvenile Mana Wyrm

Mana Wyrms in Leacianus are the result of experimentation with the eggs of Arcane Dragons native to the region. Infusing the unborn dragons with various levels and essences of Minera’s Breath lead to many horrific creations, and few survived. However, one particular species seemed to show greater promise than the rest, the Mana Wyrms. They maintained much of their ancestors forms, though sprouted and enhanced with magic even greater and deadlier than the Arcane Dragons.

As if the rules of nature did not apply to them, they can weave and float effortlessly through the sky, turning as if momentum and inertia held nothing over them. Their spells and mastery of Minera’s Breath make them a deadly encounter for even the most powerful fighters on Tharador. Thankfully for the members of the Coalition in the Spetsigs, Fyrindel is only a juvenile who has not yet grown into the immensely powerful being he will one day become.

Still, the young Mana Wyrm is a threat to any unprepared squad. Its presence alone means that no air support will likely be able to come to their aid without great risk. Griffins and Hippogriffs are quickly shot out the sky as soon as Fyrindel is aware of them.

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