Golden Griffin Vanguard


One of the higher ranks of the Golden Griffins before officer positions. Most who have ascended to Vanguard rank are veterans of the Liturium War who have seen their fair share of action and split plenty of blood. These soldiers are rewarded with custom issue Griffin armour and generally make up the bulk of soldiers in specialist squads both in special operations or on the battlefield.

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The full story

Golden Griffin Vanguard

The Golden Griffin Vanguards are a highly respected and feared unit within the mercenary company. Comprised of experienced soldiers who have survived numerous battles, they are known for their discipline, bravery, and unrelenting determination in the face of danger. These elite soldiers are outfitted with specially designed Griffin armour, which offers superior protection and mobility compared to standard issue armour. As the backbone of the Golden Griffins’ specialist squads, they are tasked with carrying out the most challenging and dangerous missions, both on and off the battlefield. Despite the risks, many soldiers aspire to join the Vanguard, as it is a sign of their prowess and status within the company.

Many Vanguards have served the company for years, if not decades. They have fought in countless battles and conflicts, earning a reputation as some of the most formidable warriors in the land. Despite their many victories, however, Vanguards are not without their losses. Many have fallen in battle, and those who survive often carry the scars and injuries of their service for the rest of their lives. Nevertheless, Vanguards remains a symbol of strength and resilience within the Golden Griffins, inspiring its soldiers to fight on no matter the odds.

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