Eldiara – Brinilmin’s Archer


A Leacianan Archer with a powerful grasp of the Arcane. Eldiara is one the Arcane Archers of Leacianus that is able to conjure the powerful Brinilmin’s Bow – a spell only held by the most talented war casters in the Leacianan army. Eldiara and those like her are a staple in any Leacianan specialist squad.

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The full story

Eldiara – Brinilmin’s Archer

War casters in Leacianus come in many forms. One of the more revered and rarer forms is that of the Arcane Archers, and among them the most revered are those capable of conjuring Brinilmin’s Bow – an exceptionally powerful conjured weapon that can loose arcane arrows capable of skewering a boar (or doing much worse to a human).

Eldiara is one of the few gifted enough to conjure this weapon, though still she is learning how to best control it and often can find the spell unwieldy. Still, when it’s mark does land it is to devastating effect. Many of her superiors are envious of Eldiara, for she is young and inexperienced yet somehow has the fortitude to wield and control Brinilmin’s Bow.

It was earning the ire of one such superior that had Eldiara assigned to a specialist Vanguard squad. There the young archer would either find her mark or find her death.

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