Knight of The Breath – Rolen


An elite spell-sword with a penchant for magic and steel both. A refugee from Hinatal and now one of the most versatile soldiers in The Golden Griffins. Rolen returned to Hinatal alongside the twin Unity Clerics, Arkeus and Arkina to defend it from invaders. Once defended they all returned to the front line and continued in their unfinished war.

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The full story

Knight of The Breath – Rolen

A lowborn of the hidden city of Hinatal, Rolen felt from birth an outcast. Quiet, and stoic, each word would seem as though he had planned for minutes before he spoke from the caution he would take when speaking to those above his own social status, which was many. Though his childhood was arduous and full of challenges, he was eventually accepted into the ranks of Hinatal’s elite guards – The Valadhar. There under the tutelage of his Master Dreytak Rolen began to learn the ways of the protected and revered weapon of the double-bladed scimitar, unique to Hinatal and its Sun Elf inhabitants. So too did he find his aptitude for spells and magic, managing to weave both blade and spells both within his strikes.

Hinatal was a hermitted society, buried deep beneath the sands of the Sudd Tohst desert. Though within the caverns beneath the shifting sands and crumbling city above, life continued as normal – the ruling class of elves taking use of the working class humans to create a unified society in a time of extreme strife. Though these imbalance of racial tensions could not always sit within the status quo, like a cauldron come to boil within the deep caverns the tensions eventually boiled over. Humans rose up against the Elven Merchants, slaughtering them in the square after a human worker was literally worked to his death by a merchant forcing him into the city above to gather abandoned wares. Rolen and the Valadhar retaliated with lethal force against the humans until eventually a complete civil unrest overtook the cavernous city.

Rolen’s Master Dreytak was cornered himself and slaughtered by dozens of human rioters within the Temple of Glanion, Rolen barely escaping with his own life and taking his master’s weapon who threw it to him in his final moments. Rolen fled, nothing but his master’s weapon and the clothes on his back with him. After months of wondering and completing odd jobs throughout Tharador’s nations, he signed a contract with the Golden Griffins, for he spotted Ash of Goltia – the leader of the human populace in Hinatal among their ranks. Aiming to exact vengeance for his master, Rolen rose up the ranks swiftly as the Liturium War reached its peak.

His skillset was unique and he acted as a floating agent, moving from company to company where needed until he was indefinitely assigned to The Silent Faith, having been acknowledged by Archmaester Tharimaeth as a skilled warrior and spellcaster. So it saddened Rolen greatly when Tharimaeth was revealed to be a traitor to the Golden Griffins. He saw right in being one of those to ultimately deal with her treachery. With Tharimaeth and Ash of Goltia no longer part of the Golden Griffins, Rolen rose to the challenge, ascending to a Knight of the Breath, the second highest title possible of his sect within the organisation. Only when his superior retires or dies can Rolen inherit the title of the Champion of the Gilded Breath – but only if voted favourably by the Council

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