Vyndira – Spellblade of Wrath (Bust)


Vyndira is one of the few fighters in Leacianus to master both War and Caster Magic. Those who have mastered this delicate balance are called Spellblades. They are invaluable in any specialist squad for Leacianus’ military and are the bridge between the Casters and Martials of the squad. Vyndira has found a balance in herself and her own temperament that has aided her in achieving this role, but when battle draws near this balance is lost and she erupts into an unstoppable force of arcane wrath.

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The full story

Vyndira – Spellblade of Wrath (Bust)

Second in command of Cyrindeth’s squad, Vyndira is responsible for ensuring harmony within her squad’s martial and caster members. Spellblades are rare to come across and are only strategically used within specialist squads, rather than ever being thrown on the front lines. They have mastery over War and Caster Magic equally, giving them their position as second in command or squad leader in most squads they are assigned.

Vyndira is still fairly new to her role, but has seen enough combat in the Liturium War to be confident in her abilities. After her last squad was decimated after failing to cut off enemy supply lines in the Siege of Tara, Vyndira was reassigned to a vanguard squad to await the full blown conflict of the war to reignite. She feels as though this was some sort of punishment for her failure, as though being executed in the decimation was a mercy, and those that remained were sent to even direr fates.

Such a thought has built rage inside her for well over a year. At the first sign of conflict Vyndira aims to unleash the rage in a storm of arcane magic against her foes. Cryindeth has done her best to temper this rage, as she feels it inside Vyndira as well. But it is unlikely that it will have much effect when blood begins to spill on the battlefield.

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