Hippogriff Rider Rolen


With Ash of Goltia far gone from the Golden Griffins, a new rider and face was needed to bring awe into the hearts of its soldiers. It came as a great irony that the one chosen was none other than Rolen of Hinatal, a man who once swore an oath of vengeance to slay Ash for what evils he had enacted in their homeland of Hinatal.

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The full story

Hippogriff Rider Rolen

In the travels that Rolen faced after he parted from the Golden Griffins for a time, he came across the great and noble hippogriff, Alazia. A Sun hippogriff hailing from the Battlescar Mountains in Dornat Al Karit, the two formed a bond after Alazia came to the aid of Rolen when he was cornered by beasts in the desert.

In turn, Rolen discovered the hippogriff had been injured: her chicks stolen by poachers and a crossbow bolt stuck under her wing. Rolen was able to heal her, and successfully tracked down the poachers to return her chicks to her. Rolen thought little of the encounter, but some months later after her chicks had flown from their mother’s nest, she tracked him down in the middle of Baldur’s wilderness. There she offered her back to him, and gave her life to his until death did them apart.

Now he rides her to a battle, and has become a sign of hope in the Golden Griffins and Coalition forces. Though for the Leacianans he has become a prime target for any anti-air defenses they have on hand when he is spotted.

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