Querina – Cleric of the Arcane


A cleric of Brinilmin in her formative years of training. Her instructor has sent her to the front lines of the war as the manpower of Leacianus dwindles. Within Querina lies a hope that her abilities will be blessed with a surge of power by Brinilmin when the time calls for it, for she doubts her powers in battle even now.

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The full story

Querina – Cleric of the Arcane

Clerics devoted to Brinilmin have various purposes in Leacianan society. Some are dedicated in the church – as healers and clergy. Others as inquisitors and educators that travel across Leacianus to root out heresy and bring the churches teachings to those who live far from the cities. But still, there are those who are dedicated as War Clerics, who conjure Brinilmin’s power in War Magic and take to the front lines.

Querina received this position despite her requests to be part of the clergy as a healer. Her superiors saw that her latent power was immense, and did not wish to see her abilities wasted on the ill and feeble. But Querina has never tapped into this latent talent that she is often told of, she feels that instead she is being sent on some sort of suicide mission for slighting the wrong inquisitor or superior during her training.

It’s only been a few months since she was even granted the rank of Cleric, yet now she marches to war as part of a Vanguard specialist squad to assault a Coalition fortification. The only reassurance she has is the warmth and kindness of her commanding officer, Cyrindeth. However not all in her party share this same sentiment, and Querina feels that by sticking close to Cyrindeth things will turn out fine for her.

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