Kiziri – Queen of the Harpies


The Queen of a large Harpy family that lives in the mountains west of Sharprahk. Mostly isolated, occasionally picking off goats or Dwarven livestock that ventured too close to their territory. Suddenly Kiziri and her brood have grown much bolder, attacking farmers on the outskirts of the towns of Torarol and Torsid, as well as wiping out entire caravans between the two towns. Whether their behaviour is motivated by some greater power or they have become more daring in food is unknown.

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The full story

Kiziri – Queen of the Harpies

Harpies are known as territorial and dangerous matriarchal beasts that often lead astray weary travelers, sailors and unsuspecting folk of any sort. The largest Harpy flocks are led by a Queen who maintains social order amongst her kin. These Queens usually show a keen intelligence well above their lower kin and are capable of clear speech and conversation, language permitting.

Kiziri is one such Queen, written about by Brekken the Bodacious in his ballad “Icy Talons, Warm Heart” for the mercy she showed the bard when he played a song back to her after he had been lured in by the sweet singing of her flock. Though this song in part turned out to be for the Harpies’ favour, as many foolish travelers and adventurers that heard the ballad sought out Kiziri and her flock, only to end up as meals.

Now her flock has set its sights on Dwarven towns north of the mountains the Harpies call home. Torarol and Torsid, twin towns set along tributaries that flow into the Maktar River. There they raid and consume caravans, feed on the livestock of the Dwarven farmers and the farmers themselves when no livestock remains. Never before have the Harpies grown so bold, forcing the Crown of Dornat Al Karit to commission a hunt with the Ek Viriktar on Kiziri’s head, hoping that with her death the rest of the flock will disperse or crumble.

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