Dusty Dirks Bandits


A relatively new organised crime syndicate operating along Belfrie’s Tradver River, including within the sister cities of Velandria and Tradver. Made up mostly from petty thieves and low-ranking members of the Rossa Cartel who left after not wishing to adhere to the rules and creeds of their organisation.

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The full story

Dusty Dirks Bandits

Within the ranks of the Rossa Cartel, there’s always been the young thugs and vermin who’ve never understood the “noble creed” or “proper image” the crime syndicate tries to maintain for itself. These are usually used as fodder when the Cartel needs, the first to be thrown in harm’s way or used as a sacrifice to keep peace between nobles, merchants or other crime syndicates. But some of these thugs wise up, realising they either change their minds about the creeds, leave, or die.

Out of those that leave, most fall into gangs of lowlives, bandits, marauders or any other kind of bastard that was born without a conscience. The Dusty Dirks are just one of these gangs, though run by an opportunist who used the Liturium War as a time to begin aggressive expansion. What was once a petty gang quickly rose to become a challenging force to the Rossa Cartel itself, being their enemies across the bay in Velandria, and even beginning to seep into their operations in Tradver.

Now they’ve been spotted mysteriously working with a group of goblins alongside the Tradver Highway, ambushing convoys and caravans, and escorting convoys of their own into the woods and caves the goblins call home. Suspicion begins to grow, but the Duke of Tradver refuses to do anything, and the Duke of Velandria is more occupied with the fallout of the Liturium War in Leacianus than any at-home matters. Such a time is the perfect storm for dark deeds to thrive.

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