Derrick the Fin – Dusty Dirks Boss


A typical high-ranking career criminal who stole and stabbed his way to the top. Derrick was once a Lieutenant of the Rossa Cartel, but unhappy being a subordinate to men he deemed lesser than himself, he left, beginning his own gang. For half a decade the Dusty Dirks have been a thorn in the side of the Cartel, but now Derrick wants that to be a knife instead.

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The full story

Derrick the Fin – Dusty Dirks Boss

When crime without punishment is all you’ve known, it becomes a hard vice to break. Such is the life of Derrick “The Fin,” boss and founder of the Dusty Dirks. Born an urchin, raised a fighter, he learned young that in the slum’s cruel dance, you either step on others or get trampled. The Rossa Cartel, lords of the underworld, took him in, showed him the ropes. But the Cartel’s old guard feared change like death itself, and Derrick, with fire in his veins and ambition in his eyes, was change incarnate.

They thought they could snuff him out, another pawn sacrificed in their ceaseless power plays. But Derrick was no ordinary pawn. He was a street-smart scrapper, a survivalist with a knack for turning the tide. When the Cartel’s death sentence came knocking, Derrick was ready. His sword’s reflection wasn’t just a tool for grooming; it was his lookout, his guardian. His pistol was his reaper, and he’d practised enough that he could ricochet its bullets off just about anything. Those sent to bury him found themselves buried instead, victims of an assassin whose only calling cards were the glint of a blade and the echo of gunfire. Derrick knew his time in Tradver’s grime was up. He left cryptic messages for his loyal few and slipped away on a riverboat to Velandria.

East Velandria, a world apart from its gilded twin, became his new domain. Here, amid the decay and desperation, he saw opportunity. Starting as a loan shark, he quickly ascended, building a gang that became the unseen hand guiding the East’s gritty streets. The Cartel, with its eyes on richer prey, overlooked Derrick’s rise. But he didn’t overlook them.

Now, as a shadowy figure draws him back to Tradver, Derrick plays a dangerous game. Smuggling arms to a tribe of goblins, he’s a chess master in a game where the stakes are life and death, and every move could be his last. In a city that never sleeps and where every shadow could be an enemy, Derrick “The Fin” swims in dangerous waters. But if there’s one thing he knows, it’s how to stay afloat when the world’s trying to drag you under.

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