The Observer


A lesser aberration hiding in the bowels of Tradver’s forgotten and flooded dungeons. From beneath it pulls the strings of the city above for its own personal gain. In its truth, the creature acts as a servant to Seroca, the God of Secrets, and its own personal gains are the gains of its dark divine.

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The full story

The Observer

Beneath the streets of Tradver lies a vast network of catacombs and sewers that interlock, wind, climb and delve in a senseless labyrinth. Though some of these are ancient, those who dare explore these lightless tunnels have noted many passages have been built in the last few decades, though by who and why they cannot tell. Such a place is perfect for an aberration like the Observer to call home.

Creatures like the Observer are dark creations from the deep, spawned by Quorenderi and controlled by the invisible hand of Seroca. Though the Observer’s purpose in Tradver is in service to a shadowy ruler who serves as Seroca’s Speaker. They use the Observer as their eyes, ears and mouth, pulling the strings without ever making themselves truly known. Thus the Observer is the creature that Brakaza and Derrick “The Fin” often find themselves standing in front of, being paid with a large pile of coins, like rabbits chasing a carrot on a stick. Both are unaware of the creature’s true intentions, and often wonder why it chose them specifically. Nevertheless, they see themselves as only benefiting from being in its service, so will continue to blindly follow it, both out of fear, and out of love for money and power.

Slowly, it is beginning to turn events in Tradver to where it wants them to be. All that could stop it now is an unfortunate intervention by meddling adventurers wishing to make a name for themselves.

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