Tors of Delvdor – Dwarven Cleric of Life


A Dwarven Cleric from the depths of Delvdor. Tors was raised in a traditional Dwarven household, which often sees reverence to Cedhelieth, the divine of Life and Love. But Tors found himself smitten by love for his deity, dedicating his life to her. On a pilgrimage to Belfrie, Tors found an injured Elven ranger on the roadside nearing death. Healing the ranger, Tors learnt of the Elves’ conflict, making a promise to aid him in his quest as part of his duty to Cedhelieth.

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The full story

Tors of Delvdor – Dwarven Cleric of Life

Dwarves in Delvdor lead a busy life, being the third largest Dwarven city in Tharador. But amongst the hustle and bustle of the subterranean metropolis, most Dwarves still find time to show reverence to the divine Tharameni. The family of Tors were one such, typical Dwarven family. A miner father and a baker mother, along with his six older brothers. Being the youngest was a trial for Tors, feeling often isolated from the rest of his siblings, but he found comfort in the evening temple attendance each day. Though the one day he looked forward to most each week was Balaren, or Tuesday as it is known among the commonfolk. This was the day of visit to Cedhelieth’s temple, and Tors as a young lad would find himself smitten by the rapturous form of her statues and the parables of her seeding Tharador with life, being the architect of love and emotion in their people.

When he finished his schooling as a child, he chose to dedicate the rest of his educative years in service to Cedhelieth’s temple as an acolyte. As he matured, he felt a calling to become a devout pilgrim of his goddess, one who would travel across the continent, mending broken relationships, broken families and rejuvenating love in his fair deity. It was on his journey in Belfrie that he came to find an injured Elven ranger waylaid on the side of the road. Ervion was his name, and he was accosted by a deadly group of bandits and goblins that had been acting together. The Elf’s brother and father were in his group, and he hoped they might still be alive. Seeing this as an opportunity to serve his goddess and bring families together, Tors promised the young ranger he would aid him on his quest, and aid him in finding his family one way or another.

Now the two arrive in Tradver city together, aiming to discover what evils would unite Goblins and Bandits, and find the Elf’s family at the end of that journey. Tors saw himself in the young Elf, and knew what pain he would feel himself if it were his father and his brothers that had been attacked and taken.

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