Urkadu Goblin Tribe


One of many Goblin Tribes that have carved a home for themselves in the wilderness and caves of Belfrie. The Urkadu Tribe is a conglomerate of several lesser tribes, united by conquest several years ago by their queen, the hobgoblin Brakaza. They are mischievous and cantankerous, though their minds often teeter between brilliant and brainless. As more tribes join their ranks, the threat they hold to Belfrie grows, and with the Liturium War having raged for the last 5 years, they have been out of the sight and minds of Belfrie’s military.

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The full story

Urkadu Goblin Tribe

Goblins in Tharador vary in many ways, and the term goblin is almost a blanket term used to describe dozens of different subraces of Goblinoids who have evolved in isolation from many of their kin. In Belfrie this is also true, though the Urkadu tribe fits closer to the bill of the “Centralian Common Goblin” than some of their other counterparts in the region. Originally a small clan under the rule of a hobgoblin chief, they quickly expanded after the chief was slain in a duel by his daughter, who took over rule of the clan and began rapidly expanding, conquering and assimilating other nearby goblin tribes into their ranks.

True Urkadu goblins are seen as the elite of this new goblinoid society, though all of them are scum beneath the feet of their queen, Brakaza. But they wouldn’t have it any other way, for their love and devotion to their queen is undying. As their numbers have grown, so has their need for food and shelter. The caves and cavegrub the first Urkadu lived on are no longer enough, and the goblins have begun spreading into nearby woods and wilderness, establishing small camps and outposts along the Tradver Highway that have become a threat to local merchants and traders.

This has also caught the eye of some who have noticed the growing numbers, and the goblins working alongside bandits. Many worry that the goblins are planning for something catastrophic, noticing them better armed and armoured with each passing day. Yet the nobles who would do anything against them seem powerless, fatigued by war or still embroiled with the politics of the post-war fallout. If something is not done against them soon, any villages or towns along the Tradver River will be ripe for a mass raid by the goblins.

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