Brakaza – The Goblin Queen


A female hobgoblin worshipped as a queen by her horde of goblinoid followers. Most would be willing to jump on a spear for her at a moment’s notice. She rules her subjects with an iron fist, but also promises them rewards for their loyalty when they expand beyond the caves and hovels they live in now. Her ultimate goal is to establish a goblin enclave in Belfrie, overtaking a poorly defended village to do so.

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The full story

Brakaza – The Goblin Queen

A hobgoblin spurred on by hidden forces, Brakaza was the chieftain’s daughter of the Urkadu clan. Seeing her father as weak, she slew him in a duel when she was only fifteen, taking her place as head of the clan and proclaiming herself queen. With sights set beyond just her own clan, she aimed to create a goblin kingdom within Belfrie, conquering and uniting the various tribes which were scattered across the kingdom.

The armies of Belfrie were still weak after their war with the High Elves, and with the goblins united, the men would surely fall when war came to them. Brakaza has united thousands of goblins either through conquest or diplomacy, and earned fervent love from all her subjects who would readily throw themselves onto their swords if she asked. Though she has built a large army, it is far from its full extent, and are poorly armed. Thus she has been made by her shadowy overlord to cooperate with the bandits of the Dusty Dirks, becoming reliant on them for procuring weapons and armour.

Brakaza has little love for the bandits however, and once she is no longer required to cooperate with them, will gladly see them hung from the trees they hide in. But for now she must bide that urge for violence, and instead concentrate her efforts in creating an army to rival the well organised and veteran army of Belfrie.

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