Bobodobo – Kobold Shaman


The leader of the Kobolds of Brazatul. The shaman is both the religious head and patriarch of the Kobolds that follow Brazatul. Though Kobolds usually only live for up to thirty years, the Shamans are gifted with long life, seeing their lifespan increase tenfold. Rakataka has ruled now for just over a century, and some of his followers have grown restless with this, feeling Rakataka does not understand the new ways of the youngest Kobold generation.

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The full story

Bobodobo – Kobold Shaman

Bobodobo has ruled over the Kobolds of Brazatul for just over a century. His age and wisdom are well above that of an average Kobold, who are lucky to see thirty summers go by and perhaps match a human toddler for their level of wisdom. Rakataka acts as the voice of reason, dominance and leadership among his kind. All healing, magic and orders given to the Kobolds come from him, usually as a filter for Brazatul himself.

Though with his long life, there is prone to be envy amongst the other Kobolds he leads. All Kobolds alive today trace their lineage to great great grandparents that were born around the same time as Bobodobo. Often they feel it is unfair for one to live so much longer than him, and some rebellions have broken out before but were quickly crushed by Bobodobo and with the aid of the Dragonkin, most recently the siblings Tharvaya and Tharvian. Now Brazatul has began acting strangely, though unquestioning of the Dragon’s will, he obeys.

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