Kobold Scrappers


The grunts and disposable fodder of Brazatul’s followers. The Scrappers are just as their namesake implies: those who scrap and recover any bits of food, metal or resources otherwise they can find within the surrounds of their master’s den. They are also usually the first to be thrown at a potential enemy when trouble arises.

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The full story

Kobold Scrappers

The riff raff of the Kobold Clan of Brazatul are known as the scrappers. They are usually a disorganized bunch, save for when the voice of Brazatul himself commands them – or the whips of Rakataka, their shaman and leader – or the Dragonkin who act as the voice of Brazatul when he himself does not wish to bother with the Kobolds personally.

They are a stark mirror to the nigh everlasting dragon, for their lives come and go quickly. They live to usually no longer than thirty to fourty years, save for the Shamans who when instilled with Brazatul’s blessing can live up to two hundred. Though usually this long age of theirs won’t see itself last, as a lesser Kobold will grow jealous, kill the Shaman and assume they would take the power thereafter, wherein reality they are usually executed. It has become such a problem among the Scrappers that Dragonkin now often watch over their pits to ensure such a thing does not happen.

To keep them distracted, the Kobolds are often sent into the foothills and deepest tunnels to scavenge what they can. At times they may come to blows with the Deep Dwarves hidden deep in neighbouring mountains, and often entire groups can go missing though they are quickly replaced. They are the bulk of Brazatul’s followers, and the most disposable of the lot as well.

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