Tharvian – Dragon Knight (Bust)


A great knight and warrior of Brazatul who invokes his ancestor’s name in combat against those who would do harm to him. Tharvian is a master of many weapons, and a keen smith at that as well, forging most of his own weapons to his liking. With the power of Brazatul’s Breath, his items are tempered in Dragon Flame, making them more powerful than the mere crafts of Greypeak’s mortals, and with such items he is an unstoppable force.

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The full story

Tharvian – Dragon Knight (Bust)

Tharvian was raised alongside his sister Tharvaya within the “Dragon Academy” of Brazatul. Though in fact this name is a loose translation, for the place the two spent their youth was more akin to a nursery that dedicated four years of a Dragonkin’s life to mastering their Breath, magic and other martial arts. Tharvaya felt inferior to his sister for much of his early life, he held very little mastery of Breath where as she excelled far beyond all her peers. However he honed his focus elsewhere.

Tharvian became a master with the blade, training under the eldest Dragonkin Warriors who had known combat and blood better than any other. Along with this he also found his talent for smithing, forging his own weapon when he was only five summers old. Many more would be forged after, and when he gained fame for his mastery with the blade, he rose to Brazatul’s Devoted as one of his champions. At this position he was able to have his blades forged in the Dragonfire of his ancestor, and his blades became of note for all the Dragonkin and Kobolds alike within Brazatul’s domain.

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