Glanbeli – The First Great Light (Dragon Form)


Minera’s first conceived child, though born only months ago. Glanbeli has existed as a celestial body above Minera since time itself began. She was the first great light, before Glanion, the Sun. Before anything else. Like an egg, the Moon held her for millennia, until finally the working of the Drow brought her to hatch and take form on Tharador. Now she has none to raise her. The Tharameni fear her innate and unused power and her siblings are all spent in their own. Confused and alone, she flies through Tharador, trying to return to her home above the clouds and take aid from anyone willing, or unwilling to help her.

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The full story

Glanbeli – The First Great Light

In the first moments of Minera’s existence she created a sea from her tears: for the emptiness of her existence was overwhelming and sorrowful. When her tears pooled, she found joy in them – for now there was something when there once was nothing. She laughed in jubilant glee, and each bout of laughter gave rise to a sea of stars in the sky, reflected on her tears below. Then with one great Breath and ecstatic shout, she gave creation to the brightest light in the sky – Glanbeli she called it. Glanbeli shone a silver and blue radiance upon the sea below, but it seemed that this light had no life of its own. Thus Minera created Glanion from a shard of her own soul, but unknown to Minera and to all the Tharameni, there indeed lay life in Glanbeli. A manifestation of Minera’s Breath, the magic of the world, sat and formed there for millennia and from it a soul was born in slumber: weaker than any of its siblings, but as strong as any of their own children.

But Glanbeli would not be woken until thousands of years later, as the Drow of Lo Fuin searched for ways to rid the evil of Mindoriel from their swamp home, they thought to draw power from Glanbeli. Many of the Drow worshipped Glanbeli, and believed her to be a source of great magical energy. Thus when they attempted a ritual to draw from its core, they instead summoned Glanbeli to their realm. Awaken as a newborn, the soul from the Moon sought to return to its home.

Within her mind was instilled the form of a Dragon. For in her slumber and dreams Dragons had come much to her. So she changed to this form when she came too, lamenting at the moon above her for which she could not return. Thus she would bring the moon to her, and return to her home once again. Though the pull was weak in Lo Fuin, so she flew to Tharador’s north. In Greypeak she found a Dragon like her: Brazatul. She charmed him to her will and had him and his cult aid in the moon’s pull to Tharador, as she traveled to the highest and most northern point at Mammoth Isle, where she continued to pull down the moon herself until disturbed by the ruckus of mortal affairs below her. Now she has hid herself with Brazatul and his followers, expediting her plan as the moon looms closer to Tharador every day.

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