Tharvaya – Dragon Warlock


From within the depths of Brazatul’s domain rises his most devoted followers. Those who he would lend his power and pay homage to him as his champions. Tharvaya is one such champion. Her and her brother Tharvian are two of Brazatul’s greatest champions, each gifted with traits of leadership and strength, now enhanced by the powers of their dragon ancestor.

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The full story

Tharvaya – Dragon Warlock

Tharvaya was a hatchling from the same brood as her brother, Tharvian. The two were raised in the confines of the “Dragon Academy” in the depths of Brazatul’s domain. This was where all his Dragonkin were raised from hatchling to warrior. Tharvaya excelled at the knowledge of Dragonlore and Breath or magic usage. By the time of her maturement, she had proven herself to the caretakers of the Academy.

She was selected as one of the future successors of the illustrious Brazatul’s Devoted, champions of the Dragon. Though her rise from there still was not easy. Many trials Tharvaya would have to endure in both the wilds and the tunnels of the deep mountains. Others in her same role lost their lives in the trials, torn apart by creatures of the depth or caught in skirmishes against Colossal tribesfolk that lived in the hills.

Tharvaya ascended to her role as one of Brazatul’s Devoted after age took her predecessor, and Brazatul himself gave to her his power and his Breath. With the power of the dragon, Tharvaya became a force to be reckoned with among all the Dragonkin within her ancestor’s followers.

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