Trenon the Redeemed


An orc freed from bondage who took up the role of a mercenary and a warrior in bid to repay those who freed him. Though down this path he realised his deeds were no less evil than those who had chained him. Thus he left the life of a mercenary and travelled north, forging a new and noble path for himself as a knight of honour.

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The full story

Trenon the Redeemed

Trenon was the liberated name this Orc chose to take upon himself. To name himself after the king of Belfrie that chose to welcome Orcs with open arms, rather than the aristocrats of Baldur who would see him enveloped in chains. Rescued by a smuggler in his fourth year of slavery, Trenon spent much of his recent years on the coastal isle of Mastania: an orc refuge funded by the Belfrian crown that still maintained its own autonomy. At the dawn of his maturity Trenon ventured to the mainland with four of his kin. In an attempt to protect merchants from a robbery his kin was slain and he was the sole survivor. Those in the carriage thanked Trenon and gave him funds to purchase his own armour and weapons.

Thus Trenon obliged, patrolling the highways himself and collecting the bounties of many wanted criminals unintentionally as he did so. After several months the bandits no longer prayed on the weary travellers of south-west Belfrie. Bored with his lack of challenge, Trenon enlisted within The Golden Griffins in the nearby city of Velandria. There he was assigned to a vanguard squad for his hulking and fearsome form, though his personality was oft closer to a cloistered monk than the barbarian that his comrades took him for.

Through the years of the Liturium War, Trenon came to realise that the deeds he was asked to perform were often dark and morally dubious. Wanting little more to do with such senseless violence, he decided to leave the Golden Griffins at his contract’s end, travelling to the Northern Kingdoms of Greypeak, where he undertook his original mission of protecting the roads for travellers and merchants. He earnt a reputation quickly as the Green Knight, and after saving the niece of the King, he was made an official Knight of the Realm. Now he resides at the court in Vanlund, bodyguard to the niece that he saved and also an indispensable fighter when the realm needs him.

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