Nosmeni Chain Devils


Prisoners entrapped in the depths of Nosmarka’s Nocturnal Abyss. These were captured during the Infernal Invasion of Velandria in Autumn. Now the Gods offer their souls redemption in the blood and fire of the Crucible, and should they fight with honour, Horauthin and Erdrydion have promised to unbound their shackles and allow them a place in Syelden.

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The full story

Nosmeni Chain Devils

When the gates of Nosmarka’s Nocturnal Abyss opened in Velandria, a swarm of devils and demons poured through to lay siege to the golden city. Though the Selvaneri and the local Paladins were quick to drive them back, hundreds of lives were lost and the town’s beauty was marred for months. Among the devils driven back were Chain Devils from the various Reveries that engaged in the invasion. Some of these surrendered themselves to the Selvaneri when their deaths became assured. Not wanting to return to the fiery hells, they begged for repentance.

So they were captured, and though Syelros was eager to behead each of them then and there, Tharaves felt a greater use could be found for them. It wasn’t long after he was proven right, with the Tharameni hosting their Crucible of Champions. The Chained Nosmeni were added to the list of enemy combatants for the champions, and with a promise of redemption in a glorious death, they aim to give the Tharameni a show.

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