Henry the Punished Immortal


After the Liturium War, Henry, haunted by his past and driven by the revelation of being a clone, embarked on a journey to Oldavor to confront his maker Henrique and merge their souls for completeness. In Oldavor’s eternal winter, Henry faced Henrique, who had revealed his life-long manipulations of Henry designed to strengthen his soul for a ritual that would combine their psionic powers. Despite Henry’s efforts to escape, Henrique initiated the ritual, merging their beings, with Henrique assuming control over their unified form. However, a violet void transported Henrique to a Crucible under the Tharameni, where Tharanais, the Prince of Wisdom, offered him a chance for redemption or eternal damnation based on his loyalty.

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The full story

Henry the Punished Immortal

The aftermath of the Liturium War left Henry grappling with the shadows of his experiences in Nirloom, a period marred by reflection and recovery. It was during this interlude that his focus shifted to an obsession that had lain dormant – the pursuit of Henrique, a shrouded figure from the First Era. Henrique’s quest for immortality through cloning and reincarnation had inadvertently given life to Henry, making him an unwitting vessel for Henrique’s ambitions. The revelation of his origins instilled a pervasive void within Henry, a chasm he believed could only be bridged by merging his soul with Henrique’s, thereby achieving completeness.

Compelled by a force beyond his understanding, Henry ventured into Oldavor, the northernmost expanse of Tharador, ensnared in an eternal winter. This frigid wasteland, where his psionic powers first stirred to life, beckoned him with an inexplicable pull. It was here that Henrique’s legacy loomed large, both as a combatant in bygone battles and as the architect of the region’s perpetual frost through his sabotage of the Vavanesci, thus ending the First War.

Henry’s trek through Oldavor’s merciless cold led him to a hidden chamber within the southern mountain ranges near Brel Endra. Guided by an innate sense of direction, he confronted Henrique, the architect of his existence. Henrique, devoid of empathy, revealed his manipulations to thwart Henry’s path, believing that adversity would fortify his creation’s body, mind, and soul for a momentous ritual. This rite would amalgamate their powers into an unparalleled psionic force. The ensuing conflict saw Henry outmaneuvered at every turn, his every strategy anticipated and countered as if it were never his own. In a desperate bid to flee, Henry’s attempt at teleportation was thwarted by Henrique, who commenced the ritual to merge their beings.

Awakening on the cold, stone floor, Henrique surveyed his new form with a triumphant smile, his old vessel discarded like a spent chrysalis. The fusion was complete, and with it, Henrique inherited the full might of his creation. As he lay down to rest, eager for the dominion he would soon exert, a violet void enveloped him, whisking him away to a Crucible governed by the Tharameni.

Within this ethereal realm, Tharanais, the Prince of Wisdom, discerned the tumult within Henrique’s soul. Offering a stark ultimatum, Tharanais proposed to champion Henrique against the promise of loyalty. Should Henrique defy him, eternal damnation in the fires of the Reveries at the hands of Nosmarka awaited. Thus, Henrique found himself ensnared in a new web of power and deceit, a champion for a cause not entirely his own, on the precipice of a destiny unfathomable.

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