Strength and Constitution are the main boons of this Drake, who can take a heavily pummeling just as well as they can dish it out. Beware it charging with its horn, as anyone unfortunate enough to be caught by it will be hurled up into the air, and then stomped on by the Drake just as they land on the ground.

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The full story


A rare specimen mostly found in tabletop mountains in Tharador’s north. These Drakes are extremely territorial creatures, having large cuts of territory that can span for dozens of kilometres. They mainly prey on mountain goats and harpies, but unfortunate hikers and adventurers can also make their occasional meal, as the Drake can stalk atop a cliffside for hours before deciding to strike.

When Male Monodrakes go head to head with one another in a battle of territory or mating rights, it usually only ends when one is severely injured and can no longer fight, or is killed. Because of the tough scales of Monodrakes, these battles can often blunt their horns, and while scholars of the World Explorer’s & Hunter’s Leagues first though blunted horns were a sign of lower status Drakes, they in fact found the opposite was true after many attempts at observation. The more battles a Monodrake wins, the more damaged and chipped its horn becomes, with the most veteran having significantly diminished horns. As such, this becomes a double edged sword, as their weapon of choice becomes weaker the more they fight. So adventurers and WEHL members are exceptionally wary towards Monodrakes with damaged or nearly destroyed horns, as it means they’ve likely won dozens of battles, despite their handicap.

Renmaeth and Cedhelieth both have a great love of Monodrakes, and have thus summoned them to the Crucible of Champions as a worthy foe for its competitors.

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