Maethromin’s Myrmidons


Elite Warriors pulled directly from the Elemental Plane of Maethromin’s Dreamscape. The Elemi of Tharador often use these creatures in martial training but the Tharameni have procured some to use as combatants against their champions in the Crucible. The corresponding element of each Myrmidon greatly dictates their behaviour and abilities.

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The full story

Maethromin’s Myrmidons

Within the Dreamscape of Maethromin lay many powerful elemental creatures. Myrmidons are one such creature, being powerful warriors initially used by the Dreamed Elemi as frontline soldiers and vanguards in their raging wars against each other during their time in the Dreamscape. They still serve a similar purpose in the mortal world, being powerful warriors, though their presence is lesser here as the energy required to create or summon one from Maethromin’s Dream is often seen as wasteful unless circumstances directly call for them.

This is no problem for the Tharemeni however, who have used their vast power to summon many for the battles that lie ahead for their champions in the Crucible. The Myrmidons each pose a significant threat alone, but together when their elements combine they become truly deadly foes, each acting with its own agency, but in harmony with its brethren. The behaviour and skillset of a Myrmidon changes greatly depending on its element.

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