Arena Terrain – Crucible Traps


An assortment of various sharp or spiky objects perfect for kicking or throwing your foes into. The blood stains and bones lodged between them suggests they have seen much usage in the past, though not as much cleaning. It is also entirely possible the divine have simply willed it to be like this, as some sort of morale test.

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The full story

Arena Terrain – Crucible Traps

A set of crucible traps and obstacles used within the standard arena of the Tharameni’s Crucible. Their appearances range from mundane to highly ornate, with columns one might think to see in a temple adorned with crude and bloody spikes. Others are simple constructions, built of wood and timber like they were thrown up by two lazy carpenters overnight. The mishmash of style and competency paints a juxtaposition of grit and glamour in the divine crucible, a great ode to the spirit of the tournament itself.

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