Caedes – Erdydion’s Chosen Paladin


A zealous Paladin of Erdrydion. Caedes has plunged into the depths of hell and back in service to his deity. Though he would never call himself a hero, but simply an instrument of his Lord who acted in service as any good paladin should. Actions speak louder than words, and Caedes words are but a whisper compared to his thunderous actions. This nature has earned Caedes an invitation to the Crucible, acting as a Champion of Erdrydion to test his mettle.

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The full story

Caedes – Erdydion’s Chosen Paladin

When the common man hears “Paladin of Erdrydion” he might often think of Yinsylim Lichbane, slayer of Kelathar the immortal. A shining hero with statues made in his honour and placards dedicated to him at every cathedral. But it is paladins like this that Caedes detests – those whose glory resides in their own image rather than the power of their deity. Caedes is unsung in comparison, yet has served as a Paladin of Erdrydion for decades. But his work is not glorious in the eyes of the people, and he does not pose for sculptors or exchange flattery with bards who would write songs about him.

Caedes work is manifested almost entirely within the Courts of Erdrydion, acting as a judge and executioner on most days. But when the guilty cannot come to court, it is Caedes who storms where they hide, tearing down walls and doors and dragging them out snivelling, or simply dealing out his judgement then and there if evidence of their crimes was immediately obvious, slaying them on the spot.

Caedes resided in Velandria, living within the quarters of Erdrydion’s Grand Temple in the city centre. When the city was invaded by forces of Nosmarka in the Autumn of 3E309, Caedes was one of the first to put his life on the line, stepping through the gates of hell into the Nocturnal Abyss. There he and the others that aimed to stop evil plunged further and further through hell, slaying the conspirator Archdevils that began the invasions. Caedes returned, he and his companions hailed as heroes, yet Caedes was disgusted at such a title being placed on him. He left Velandria soon after, searching for direction across Tharador to instil his Lord’s will unto heretics and Mindoriel’s Spawn. It was in this journey that Erdrydion reached out to Caedes within his dreams, calling him to the Crucible to act as his champion, testing the mettle of himself and other champions of the Divine, to which Caedes gladly accepted.

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