Erathis – The Thousand Eyes


Unsettling to most mortals who witness it, Erathis is the counter to Seroca that the Selvaneri employ. A thousand eyes drawn over flowers, vines and wings that is able to dispel the illusions of evil and unmask treachery and deceit wherever it lies. This creation of Erdrydion very rarely seen outside the bounds of Syelden. But when it is, awe and fear overcome those who witness it.

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The full story

Erathis – The Thousand Eyes

Erathis is a celestial guardian of mortals, a recent creation of Erdrydion that aims to seek out and dispel illusions and untruths. It was only after the Shroud of Seroca was dispelled over Duskweave by his Paladin Yinsylim that Erdrydion came to realise the Dark Divine of Secrets had more of a grasp on Tharador than he knew. So Erathis was created to begin the slow but important process of uncovering the remaining cults of Seroca and other evil illusions that took hold across Tharador.

But its powers paled in comparison to Seroca, and though the Dark Divine lost a few of its strongholds, it ensured that Erathis would only see what it wanted the Celestial to see. The darkest abodes hidden across Tharador remained hidden from the sight of the Gods, continuing to operate under Seroca’s Shroud. But Erathis had become a useful tool against lower creatures of deceit: cults, devils, demons and fey tricksters were easily identified with this new tool. But it was only if they posed a significant threat to the way of mortals that Erdrydion would send his divine messengers or Selvaneri upon them. Still, Erathis will become an invaluable tool of Erdrydion and all Tharameni in the years to come.

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