Tharavës – The Wise Warrior


The Selvaneri of Tharanais. When the worship of Brinilmin rose in Leacianus, Tharavës in his past life did all he could to ensure that the teachings of Tharanais were not forgotten, as they were the foundation of their Triarchy, and to forget them would forget what the kingdom was built upon. If it were not for the actions of Tharavës, the worship of Tharanais would have all but ended in the High Elven land.

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The full story

Tharavës – The Wise Warrior

As worship of Brinilmin in Leacianus increased in the First Era, the worship of Tharanais waned. As the other Tharameni became unofficially outlawed in their worship, many followers of Tharanais worried that the same might come of Tharanais, though they knew that forcing any conflict against the heretical Brinilmin followers would only further fuel their zealous minds and hasten the take over. So Tharavës instead used pens, instead of swords, to write the “The Immutable Edicts of Tharanais” a doctrine which outlined the immense influence Tharanais’ teachings had on the founding of Leacianus and that it was those teaching that lead to the Schism of the Beremeni during the Age of Creation, and the power their land had today.

Though the Nirloom at the time denounced these writings, they were outvoted by the Arch Holder and Arch Marshall who saw the reasoning in the scholars writings, and felt forsaking their traditional worship of Tharanais entirely would have consequences they could not foresee. So Tharanais was worshipped alongside Brinilmin – not the outcome Tharavës desired, but a positive one nonetheless. But the most fervent worshippers of Brinilmin detested this paper, burning many copies and eventually storming the home of the scholar who wrote them.

Tharavës was more than a mere scholar; he was a master sorcerer, a veteran of the cataclysmic Sibling War from the Age of Creation. As the rabid followers of Brinilmin breached his sanctuary, the very earth trembled under the might of their arcane clash. The night sky turned into a whirlwind of colours as his village transformed into an explosive theatre of magic. With every spell Tharavës cast, the streets erupted in flashes of ethereal light, and buildings crumbled under the weight of magical assaults. Tharavës danced through the chaos, wielding magic with precision and fury. He summoned protective barriers around his kin while using his prowess to transport them to the sanctuary of the capital city, Nirloom. But every act of protection he offered came at a price. The zealous assailants seized these moments of vulnerability, unleashing cataclysmic spells without a care for innocent lives. One devastating attack shattered Tharavës’ defences, allowing an adversary to pierce his heart with an arcane-infused weapon.

He awoke in Syelden, at the feet of Namneri and Tharanais. Tharanais himself had pulled Tharavës soul from the Chalice, and given the scholar a chance at rebirth as his champion and one of the Selvaneri. He was to become a warrior against ignorance deception, and one day use his powers to convince the people of Leacianus to forgo their ways of Brinilmin worship, and return to worshipping the Tharameni. With the Liturium War ended and Leacianus open to outsiders and the influence of Belfrian and Formeni ideals, Tharavës has used it as an opportunity to slowly begin uprooting the malevolent worship that has taken place there for millennia. Currently he holds the guise of a Cleric of Tharanis, but will be quick to drop that disguise when the time comes to unveil his divine presence.

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