Nosaryni – The Burning Doors


Doors from the Nocturnal Abyss that have broken through the Gems of Edraves for a moment, cementing their place on Tharador long enough to unleash a hellish rebuke upon the serene land. Though the gates don’t stay open long before they falter and collapse, it is enough time for Nosmarka’s spawn to wreak havoc upon wherever they first opened. The only solution to stopping them is to dive feet first into hell and cut down whoever is making them.

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The full story

Nosaryni – The Burning Doors

In the ancient annals of Tharador, scholars spoke of the Gems of Edraves — shimmering nexuses of arcane energy that protected the land like an invisible, ethereal veil. These gems, gifts from Tharador’s brother, Edrador, acted as seals, preventing the dark energies of the Nocturnal Abyss from piercing the serene landscapes of Tharador. Yet, as with all things, imperfections existed, and in moments of cosmic imbalance, rifts would crack open, enabling doors from the Abyss to momentarily manifest.

These breaches, although fleeting, were catastrophic. Whenever a door from the Nocturnal Abyss shattered its way through a Gem of Edraves, malevolent entities under Nosmarka’s command would spill forth, spreading chaos and darkness in their wake. The cities closest to these breaches would often fall first, consumed by the flames of the Abyss, their citizens either slaughtered or twisted into monstrous forms. With every incursion, tales of horror and heroism emerged. Entire legions would disappear, attempting to defend their homeland from the eldritch horrors, while others stood as bulwarks, halting the tide of darkness.

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