Skardi of the Third – Warlock of Decay


Born in the depths of the Third Reverie, Skardi emerged with a beauty so profound it ensnared the attention of a powerful devil. Bestowed with a double-edged gift, her magic siphoned the very essence of beauty from all she touched. Drawn to the lush allure of Tharador, Skardi now treads its verdant lands, her beguiling curse threatening to tarnish its splendour with every spell she weaves.

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The full story

Skardi of the Third – Warlock of Decay

Skardi was born as a jewel in place of refuse and decay. A shining and untarnishable beauty gifted with a spirit that repelled the effects of decay and disfigurement that grasped all other residents of her home. As a child, she was revered for her ethereal charm. Yet with each passing year, a shadow grew behind her allure. The greater devil she would one day serve took notice of her, whispering promises of power, but at a cost.

The devil, envious of Skardi’s allure, granted her magic but cursed her with a unique affliction. Every spell she cast, every enchantment she invoked, drained the beauty from the world around her and added to her own. Trees would wither, waters would murk, and creatures would deform in her presence. As she became more mesmerising, her surroundings grew more grotesque.

Haunted by the juxtaposition of her radiant beauty and the desolation she left behind, Skardi used her magic to leave behind the Nocturnal Abyss and journey to the mythical physical plane above, Tharador. There she found herself in Belfrie, with its lush forests, sparkling waters, and towering mountains; it presented a serenity and splendour beyond anything she had witnessed in the cavernous depths of the Abyss. To Skardi, it was not just a place of power but a canvas of unparalleled beauty. Yet, deep within, the dread lingered, knowing that each step she took might bring ruin to this pristine paradise. Though unknown to her, her crossing to Tharador had left her marked, and other devils now seek to bring her back to Nosmarka’s Abyss.

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