Xarvir Barikdral – The Lucky Devil


A Nosmeni who left his life of comfort as the son of the Devil Duke in the Ninth Reverie of the Abyss. Xarvir sought to leave the Reverie of Misfortune, and find his own fortune in the physical world of Tharador. He has since done much to void any chance of being found by his family or other pursuers, and has become a well respected member of the Belfrian Merchant League owing many successful businesses across the kingdom. His secret? A seemingly mundane copper coin which he tosses for almost every decision. Heads? Invest all his money into an obvious ponzi scheme. Tails? Rat out the ponzi scheme head and shake him down for every coin he has on him.

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The full story

Xarvir Barikdral – The Lucky Devil

One of few noble-lineage Nosmeni to walk upon Tharador, Xarvir Barikdral was born within the echoes of the Ninth Reverie, the Reverie of Misfortune. He was destined for a life of decadence as the heir to a powerful Devil Duke who ruled a large swathe of land and subjects in the Reverie. The weight of his preordained fate weighed heavy on him; the whispers of deceit, the overwhelming pressure to fulfil dark prophecies, and the insatiable greed of the Abyss made him yearn for a life free from its malevolent grasp. Rather than assume his birthright and rule a domain of despair, Xarvir made a perilous choice, risking his very soul to escape the Nocturnal Abyss and make his mark in the realm of Tharador.

In Tharador, he shed the dark mantle of his lineage and became an enigma in the bustling streets of Belfrie. His sudden rise within the Belfrian Merchant League drew murmurs, but no one could contest the success of his ventures. Establishing flourishing businesses across the vast kingdom, Xarvir emerged as a paragon of commerce. Yet, none could fathom the source of his uncanny acumen: a simple, unassuming copper coin that guided his every move. This coin, reminiscent of his ties to the Abyss, became his constant companion, influencing choices that seemed mad to outsiders. Would he trust an unproven entrepreneur with all his wealth? The coin would decide. Would he expose a deceiver and seize their ill-gotten gains? Again, the coin’s whims dictated.

Though he stands as a functioning member of Belfrian society, and a leader within the Merchant League, Xarvir remains vigilant. Each deal he makes and ally he trusts is a step away from the shadows of his past. But he knows the past will be at his feet sooner or later, and a simple coin toss will decide how he deals with it when the time comes.

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