Tharador – Father of Wisdom


The last child of Minera to rise from the ocean depths as a great landmass. Tharador is the smallest of all continents and most meagre in body. Yet his wits more than make up for the shortfall in stature. Tharador discovered and harnessed the Breath before any of his kin, becoming the first magic wielder in time before history. He used it to empower his own children, the Tharameni, and their children, The Beremeni (The First Elves). Again it was used to battle his sister Mindoriel when she came for the lives of the Elves seeing the cycle of life and death that had been designed for them as an evil that she ill-understood. When Mindoriel was defeated Tharador used the last of his strength to bring the race of Men to the world from another plane far away. Now his spirit rests in eternal slumber, though at times he dreamwalks, imbuing his spirit into a mortal to explore the world his children still keep.

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The full story

Tharador – Father of Wisdom

Tharador was the first of his siblings to be conceived yet the last to rise from the ocean’s depths. As one of the Dormeni, Tharador is both a landmass in body and incredibly powerful angelic-like being in spirit. Tharador was restless when Minera gave shape to the world: before that it was an endless plain of ocean which brought him joy to explore. So he entertained himself by splitting his soul and giving life to his first children: Tharanais, Cedhelieth and Renmaeth. They gave meaning to the empty land that was his body, painting it like a blank canvas in beautiful mountains, rivers, forests, tundra and animal life.

Finally he gave them the gift to create other beings like them, instilling intelligence and wisdom to animals they had created in their own image, yet wandered like beasts. When his eldest sister Mindoriel discovered these creations she was furious, seeing the constant cycle of life and death of the first Elven Kind to be a design of evil. She collided with Tharador and attacked with her own children, being ultimately defeated when their eldest sibling: Glanion, The Radiant Sun, intervened. The war with Mindoriel saw Tharador forced to split his soul many times to combat her.

He created Inderimaeth to ensure she could never use the sea around him to harm him or those who lived in his lands again. Namneri was born to gather the lost souls that wandered after death and house them in the great tower of Syelden. Erdrydion and Horauthin were twin brothers, born to fight the forces of Mindoriel on the ground, giving creation to the Goliaths and training the Elves in ways of warfare. Brinilmin was born too, but corrupted by Mindoriel before Tharador could raise him in his image. The child intended to be a teacher of Breath and magic became an unhinged being that wreaked havoc across the land before retreating into a deep cocoon where it only seldom leaves. Finally Markamin too came to existence, though Tharador and none of his other children recall his creation, so he is known as the Chanced One and the black sheep of the Tharameni.

When the war with Mindoriel was finally done, Tharador sacrificed his own fortitude in its entirety to bring balance to the Goliath War, travelling space and time to find a race equally as war-like as those ravaging the other sentient beings upon his body. Men were what he found, bringing them back to him en-masse and setting them in quiet corners of the continent to grow and expand until they came to war with the Goliaths, winning eventually over the course of nearly a thousand years. A great sleep came to Tharador after this feat, returning to his own mother’s Resting Hall beneath the great oceans, leaving his children to be the custodians of his land.

Occasionally he dreamwalks, taking a mortal form as he sleeps with which he explores and cherishes the bountiful land his children keep. Though he usually does little to interfere, he at times can’t help himself from bringing joy in small ways to its people. Creating a magic show with illusions for street urchins, turning the bowl of a beggar to solid gold. Things too small to be noticed by his children, yet large to those they are cast for.

Tharador is worshiped as the Father of Wisdom and heralded as the giver of all sentient life that walks upon Minera.

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