Cedhelieth – The Life Giver


The second born and first daughter to Tharador. Cedhelieth is revered as the life giver for almost life of the smallest critters to the largest mammoths and even the intelligent races were designed and created by her. The Elves were her first intelligent creation, made in the image of the gods. Beyond that she is also known as a great healer, coming to the aid of the elves and her family during the war with Mindoriel to heal those she could and even saving the life of her brother Horauthin when he was maimed by Mindoriel.

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The full story

Cedhelieth – The Life Giver

First of Tharador’s daughters, Cedhelieth was the sole wielder of the gift of life amongst her siblings. Her soul shed many times to give life to the many magnificent creatures of Tharador. She too designed the first elves and other such beings, in the image of the divine. Though in them all she designed the gift (or curse) of death. Any that were born were destined to die, so their souls may bond with another to keep life anew after their time upon the plains of Tharador had ended.

This design drove greatness into the first elves for each aimed for meaning and greatness in their lives before it would end, and their souls would join to create offspring to carry their legacies. It was the backbone of the intelligence of these beings, yet it was seen as an abhorrent evil by Mindoriel: to design creatures destined to die.

This became the factor that caused the Sibling War, with Mindoriel doing her all to break the cycle of life and death that Cedhelieth had designed, her siblings perpetuated and their father permitted. Cedhelieth was a key figure in this war, though she was no warrior she was a great healer and advisor to her siblings and even the elves that worshiped her at times were given sage advice.

She is now worshiped in many diverse ways, seen as the goddess of life, love, healing, caretaking and family. Yet in some more twisted ways her worship is perverted by lustful hedonists seeing her gift meant they were to live their lives to the fullest however they saw fit.

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