Mindoriel – The First Daughter


The first daughter of Minera that rose from the sea. Mindoriel was her mother’s most loved in the earliest days, though her body became scorched by Glanion in accident when the great sun wished to join his siblings and set his own child down to Minera. The child Glancalnos became the primal aspect of fire, landing upon Mindoriel and leaving her body scarred and burnt. She always held great rivalry with her youngest brother Tharador, for he created children of his own without consulting any of his siblings and their children created mortals. Mindoriel felt a great plight for mortals: they were destined to die from birth against any control given to them by their creators. So she warred against Tharador and his children to cease this needless cycle, though lost much of her own way in doing so, creating abominations to fight Tharador and becoming greater scarred herself as the war drove on. She was finally defeated and frozen by her mother Minera when she infused the soul of Glanion’s child Glancalnos with a child of her own: Nosmarka. Now she sits and slowly but surely thaws from her frozen state, vengeance stewing in her mind for the thousands of years she has been kept in stasis.

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The full story

Mindoriel – The First Daughter

The first daughter of Minera was Mindoriel. She rose from the sea in tears much as her mother did in her earliest days. The tears of Mindoriel left great and beautiful canyons and rivers across her and she was a fertile and green land. Though when Glanion sent Glancalnos to join his siblings in joy, the primal fire landed upon Mindoriel and scorched her barren. This hurt Mindoriel greatly though she did not let it completely jade her. That came in time from Tharador revealing his hidden children, her uncovering of their children and the war she fought to liberate the children they had created from a tormenting cycle of constant life and death.

Mindoriel endured punishment and desperation in the war; a crusade for her beliefs that what Tharador and his children were doing was an evil. She committed her own evils to combat them, creating Myrothlir who raised the dead of the Elves and Goliaths and used them as their own soldiers in battle. So too did she create her own pawns, empty husk-like beings that she puppeteered that would come to be known as orcs. The war was long and ended abruptly as both sides continued their own desperate measures against each other.

The mortals of Tharador had become powerful in Breath and war, so Mindoriel loosed upon them her child of Nosmarka, infused with the body of Glancalonos, this creation would cover swathes of Tharador in flames in seconds. Though the screams of fire were heard by Glanion who intervened to protect his only son, emitting an enormous sun beam against Mindoriel and severing her from Tharador.

Minera woke to her cries and became privy to the devastation. Seeing Mindoriel as the aggressor, she took her daughter, drowned her and then froze her at the world’s end where she has remained ever since. Mindoriel is still seen as a deity to many greater beings. Demons, devils, dragons and many other wicked creatures worship her for her wish of eradicating mortals.

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