Seroca – Bearer of Secrets


The first of Mindoriel’s children, though Seroca is mostly featureless and was given little in personality. Never was it decided if the being was a daughter or son, and little did Mindoriel ever think of it as a child yet more as a tool. Seroca was able to show Mindoriel all that transpired beyond her sight, while keeping itself hidden. Even when Mindoriel was defeated Seroca maintained its place in hiding until it was revealed by Erdrydion as it attempted to sow seeds of malcontent under the instruction of Myrothlir. Still Seroca maintains its secrets and often weaves discord into the people of Tharador, baring influence in strange cults that dot the land.

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The full story

Seroca – Bearer of Secrets

Seroca was born as a tool to Mindoriel moreso than a child. Its purpose was succinct – to act as a watcher of Tharador and any discourse that her brother or his children might sow. Seroca fed all information and secrets to her that it could for the being was invisible, unseen to the eyes of Tharador and his children as it spied upon them constantly. Seroca was able to sow discourse into the hearts of the first elves causing a civil war as Mindoriel recovered herself from a loss.

The trickery of this being continued even after Mindoriel was encased in ice, as Seroca became devout to Myrothlir who resurrected all the fallen children of Mindoriel after they were all killed during her drowning and freezing. Seroca then became the tool of Myrothlir, at times creating its own decisions and schemes but ultimately enforcing the will of Myrothlir in weakening the people of Tharador.

Many strange and hated cults operate throughout Tharador that dedicate themselves to Seroca. Some are not as maleficent as they appear (though many are) as some simply wish to call upon the powers of Seroca for access to forbidden, ancient and secret knowledge that they would not learn from any other gods.

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