Sora Takashi – Flying Falcon


The most mischievous and free spirited of the Spirit Samurai. Sora’s place among the group is well regarded for his cheery optimism and resilience against adversity. Though his past is one of turmoil, it bears little influence to the way Sora now lives among the Spirit Samurai in service of his ancestral spirit.

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The full story

Sora Takashi – Flying Falcon

Saburo Takashi was a well renowned general, held in high standing by the governors of Uikku. He longed for the day to be given land and settle with his love, raising a family of strong children to follow in his footsteps. Though that came crashing down, for his soulmate died during the birth of their first child, and Saburo felt scorned that he would be given a daughter as a parting from his wife: no strong son to carry on his legacy as a general and warlord.

So Saburo raised this daughter by himself, until it came to him that perhaps this child need not be a daughter. From early he began raising the child as his son instead, giving them the name Sora and treating them like they would a son, with all the pros and cons that come along with that in Uikkan society. Being socially isolated on a farm, Sora only had occasional dealings with outsiders and never felt confused about their identity until they reached adolescence. At this time Saburo told his child the truth, but strangely Sora seemed almost unphased by the revelation, and admitted that being a boy seemed easier and more convenient for him, even if it wasn’t the truth in his body.

So Sora continued to train and learn from his father, in the way of the bow and sword. Often the two would climb the nearby forest trail to the Falcon Shrine to light incense for their passed mother and wife, and practice fighting styles in the shadow of the shrine. Saburo finally felt a deep love for his child that he thought he would never be capable of.

Though uncontent by this was the political allies of Takashi, for they wished to marry their own daughters to Saburo’s son and were vehemently displeased at the revelation that Sora would sire no grandchildren for them. It was here that one of the governors sent a group of samurai to their homestead, dousing it in oil and fire. Sora tried to carry his father out but the smoke overwhelmed him and he fell into blackness on the floor of their home.

In the darkness a warmth reached out to Sora, a kind woman’s voice: his mother’s. She urged him to rise, and become the champion of the Falcon to end the lives of their attackers and save his father. Sora then saw her, for the first and last time, with the sky-blue falcon perched on her shoulder as warmth hummed from her smile. He woke and with a newfound sense of strength hurled his father out the house. There five samurai were waiting with swords drawn, but in seconds to Sora as he darted towards them.

Sora then communed with the Falcon Spirit, his ancestor. He was to be the champion of the Falcon among the Seirei no Samurai, and his continued loyalty would see the protection of his father from all danger that might rise against him in the foreseeable future. Agreeing to these terms, Sora became an invaluable asset among the Spirit Samurai. Though he dearly misses his father, he knows that this is the path to a better life for both of them.

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