Kenshi Kitsune – Foul Mouthed Fox


The son of a priest, Kenshi’s disposition as arrogant and foul mouthed is certainly a surprise to most who first meet him.Though his heart is warm and kind, he often makes a point of his talents and skills, using some very colourful language to do so. His abrupt and uncouth way of talking often lands him in trouble, but despite that he has made no attempts to course correct, believing his coarseness is part of his charm.

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The full story

Kenshi Kitsune – Foul Mouthed Fox

Ever since Kenshi could remember he had been fascinated with the stories his father would tell them of the ancestral guardian of his family: The Girl With Nine Tails. A beautiful maiden who has kept watch over their family since the days of First Awakening. Kenshi’s family had a long pedigree as priests and religious scholars, each furthering the legend of the Girl With Nine Tails across Uikku.

Though even as a child Kenshi was obtuse about such matters: disillusioned especially after seeing so many of his older siblings perish during the Second Exile War, and watching his mother die a horrible and undignified death from a mind wasting disease. At these times he wondered what power this spirit might possibly have, though his father persisted in his worship. Kenshi in the meantime trained as a Samurai under a local noble, seeing more honour in protecting his remaining family by learning to use a blade, rather than praying to a spirit that has never proven itself to any of his family members beyond the mutterings of his father.

Though this sentiment of Kenshi’s came to change. The noble he trained under fell into conflict with another local lord, and their foe was merciless. Kenshi’s training was not enough to protect his family alone, and he fell in battle even after slaying dozens of men at the edge of their home next to the temple to the Girl With Nine Tails. As Kenshi lay dying he found his eyes locked with his ancestral maiden as she stood over him. The Girl With Nine Tails lent down and placed a kiss on Kenshi’s head, and he stood up, his wounds healed and himself envigored with newfound power. In a blink he cut down the rest of the intruders in his family’s house, able to save his sisters and his father before they met a dark fate.

But Kenshi was now a Seirei no Samurai, a Spirit Samurai and the chosen champion of the Girl With Nine Tails. Kenshi’s father told him that his fate was now directly bound to their ancestral spirit, and that the repayment for the chance to save their family is his undying service. So Kenshi now is among the Spirit Samurai, seemingly reluctant to be there and a sore thumb in his uncouthly demeanour in contrast to the rest of his companions.

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