Amaru Taiyo – The Wolf Spirit


The Wolf Spirit, the ancestral guardian of Kaoru’s family. Amaru is a powerful spirit who has imbued her champion with unrivalled sword fighting skills and a penchant for tracking and hunting. She now is one of the few guardian spirits left within the Seirei no Samurai that has retained her sanity or dared to show herself among mortals in a time where the balance of Yomi is tipped so far against the benevolent spirits.

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The full story

Amaru Taiyo – The Wolf Spirit

Amaru Taiyo is one of the oldest ancestral spirits to exist within Uikku, thought to be a lesser spirit created by the children of Edrador long before Men came to the continent. But among Men and in the underworld of Yomi she has found her place, though her name and shape have changed over millennia, she has always been a hunter – though one filled with grace and elegance. She has watched over many families in her time, and kept vigilance over the balance of Yomi and its manifestations that exist within the physical world in Uikku.
The age and wisdom of Amaru saw her become on of the chosen spirits to usher and guide the Seirei no Samurai, the Spirit Samurai. This order of expert fighters was dedicated to maintaining the balance of the spirits across Uikku, slaying Oni and banishing wayward spirits that had wandered beyond the confines of the underworld, causing mischief and mayhem. Amaru personally guided Kaoru to become an expert swordsman, and was responsible for the stoic nature of her champion, reflected in her own reserved and calculating demeanour.

Though in the current time of Strife she is one of the few spirits left to guide the Spirit Samurai as her companions flee into the safe confines in Yomi’s depths, fearful to invoke the anger of the Oni and their leaders. But Amaru is unrelenting, and will see her mission through so that balance is finally restored among dark and light, and the people of Uikku can enjoy a time of peace once more.

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