Higashi no Shikame – Eastern Dragon Turtle


Dragon Turtles in the Shallow Sea are far removed from their cousins found in western and southern waters. This breed of Dragon Turtle has a distinctly different look and a much more tranquil demeanour. They are known colloquially as “Eastern Sea Dragons” and this is what they have also been called by foreigners as well.

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The full story

Higashi no Shikame – Eastern Dragon Turtle

Dragon Turtles are rare and graceful creatures that lap the shorelines around the Shallow Sea in Edrador. These gargantuan sized creatures are seen as good tidings by sailors as many tales talk of ships assaulted by creatures of Quorenderi that have been saved by Dragon Turtles, or shipwrecked sailors picked up on the back of these creatures in their splendid groves of greenery.

Though they are directly related to other Dragon Turtles across Minera, these turtles are far removed in their demeanour, being extremely calm and tranquil, only attacking humans when attacked themselves. Some believe that these creatures are gifted with a humanoid-like intellect and might all be spirits or some other kind of benevolent being. Those who are in strong commune with the spirits know that all Dragon Turtles actually form something closer to a singular entity, a great spirit who divided itself hundreds of times to have a great presence in the physical world.

This creature’s domains see it as the Guardian of Travellers across the Shallow Sea, as well as a patron of Nature and growth. In current times the greater being that all Dragon Turtles are split from has become spoiled by the machinations of the Oni and as such Dragon Turtles have begun showing hostility towards travellers rather than protecting them. If the greater spirit is saved, then all Dragon Turtles should be saved as well, but if it were to perish then all its splintered souls would perish too, leaving a large hole in the ecosystem of Uikku’s coasts.

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