Tarick Wolfheart


A man who bears more winters against him than it seems. Tarick was exceptionally resistant to the negative effects of Crystal Augmentation, so was subjected to more extreme and experimental crystals that further enhanced his powers, and granted him life longer than most other Hex Hunters and Men.

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The full story

Tarick Wolfheart

Born at the turn of the Second Era, Tarick is perhaps the oldest human on the continent of Tharador, though one would not tell by looking at him. Tarick was born in Karkanoth as the region was thrown into war in its revolt for independence against the Draksborne Empire. Fearing for his life as an agent of Draksborne’s Crown, Tarick’s father and mother fled with their newborn son into the north, landing in Greypeak’s capital of Vanlund. There Tarick’s father took up work as a ship builder, though far changed from engineering and designing the galleons of the Draksbornian Navy, now Tarick’s father worked as a labourer building small fishing vessels.

Tarick thus had a childhood far removed from Karkanoth, growing up in Vanlund but disenfranchised in his childhood as a foreigner, bullied for being a refugee. Though Tarick was taught how to fight by his father, both with hands and with steel. In one such school yard scrap when he was in his twelfth summer, Tarick was on the wrong end of a knife drawn by a child he had managed to best with his hands many times. Tarick’s sight and mind turned to blackness and when he woke he had several stab wounds in him, but the child that drew the knife on him was nothing but mangled crimson ribbons on the ground. Here Tarick was trialled, as both a spellcaster and a murderer, one a crime punishable by exile, the other punishable by death.

Things looked ill, but Tarick was fortunate that one of the witnesses to the altercation was a Hex Hunter who had been in the town for a recruitment drive. He offered the third option, citing that Tarick was clearly a child gifted in Breath and potentially Psionic powers, and would be better suited to the kingdoms of Greypeak and Brightstone as a Hex Hunter than dead. Seeing that such a decision would mean the boy would be removed from Vanlund and a danger to no one but other Hex Hunters, the courts agreed. Thus Tarick was moved to the fortress of Zwilling Zwei in Brightstone where he began his training. His attunement to Breath and other powers became obvious, but it was not so apparent until time came to his Crystal Augmentation.

The Crystals inserted in his skin held almost no negative effects, and seeing this the Masters decided to push the young man’s body as far as they could, using experimental Crystals and elixirs to enhance Tarick’s body far beyond its natural capabilities. Thus he was after gifted with the senses and lifespan of an Elf and the strength of a Colossal, so too was his repertoire of runes and sigils more potent than his kin.

That was almost three centuries ago. Tarick is now the oldest member of the Hex Hunter order, and though many call for him to take the position as Grand Master, Tarick feels he is more useful on the road or in the training grounds, acting as a master to the apprentice Hex Hunters in their formative years. He is revered by all Hex Hunters, and the kings of both Greypeak and Brightstone often call on him personally when matters are direst.

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