Tizariel – The Sphinx


An enigmatic creature said to be a wish granter or oracle. The Sphinx Tizariel sits upon the western-most mountain of the Great Havel Range. Many men have travelled to her in search of fortune, glory or guidance; few have returned. Those that did speak little of their encounter with the creature. The Sphinx has a powerful control on both humanoids and beasts in swaying their hearts and minds.

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The full story

Tizariel – The Sphinx

Stories of Sphinxes appear in many old records across Tharador. The validity of many are questioned and thought to local folk tales and legends, though Tizariel proves that all legends stem from a seed of truth. For Tizariel is still a Sphinx that very much lives and breathes, living atop the western-most peak of the Great Havel Range. Rumour has passed through Brighstone and Greypeak for generations of Tizariel the Wishgranter or Oracle.

Most pass off the existence of the Sphinx as superstition and rumour, though the Hex Hunters of Zwilling Zwei who live within the shadow of her mountain know very well the truth of her existence. They try to have minimal dealings with her, and ensure those passing to the mountains don’t throw their lives away with her either. It is said that Tizariel will give payment to Men through the form of Riddles. The Sphinx will give a riddle and if the traveller succeeds, they can give a riddle in return. Should the traveller lose they will be killed by the Sphinx, but should the traveller beat the Sphinx it will grant them a wish within its power, or a reading of the future.

The few that have succeeded thus decide in selfishness that they cannot share the trials of the Sphinx, though for each loss the Sphinx has its knowledge and repertoire of riddles grows stronger too.

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