Hyol Droll – Cave Troll


Trolls that spend most their life in the caves throughout the landscape of Brightstone and Greypeak, Cave Trolls are a common term, though Hyol Droll refers specifically to the subspecies local to northern Tharador. Hyol Droll’s are more aggressive and much less reasonable than their cousins found in Tharador’s central lands. Because of this Hex Hunters approach these creatures with a “Attack on Sight” mentality.

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The full story

Hyol Droll – Cave Troll

Despite the humorous name, the Hyol Droll is no laughing matter for even an experienced Hex Hunter to deal with. One wrong move and even a Colossals body could be broken by the enormous force of a Hyol Droll’s blows. This subspecies of Troll is native to the northern regions of Tharador, namely the mountains and foothills of Greypeak, Brightstone and Mayreth. This subspecies display abnormal strength and aggressiveness compared to the much more “reasonable” trolls encountered in central Tharador. Some theorise that these were perhaps interfered with by Oldavori Genomancers during the Colossal War, but the Colossals were unable to find a place for them that was not filled by the seemingly superior Hill Giants.

It is possible that the Trolls were thus set free, though hopped up in altered characteristics that emphasised their strength and aggressiveness while dimming their minds. These trolls thus will attack on sight anything they see as a potential meal, be it man or beast – though they still have self preservation and will not attack large or well armed groups, indicating some semblance of intelligence.

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