Orik Bjornstain (Bust)


The firstborn son of Clan Bjornstain, an ancient Werebear clan that resides between the forests near the small town of Winderig in Karkanoth and the Reichberg Mountains in Greypeak. Orik is foreign to the comforts of human civilization, and though the people of Winderig know him through occasional encounters, they think of him as a wood-hermit with an eccentric personality and family. None know his true nature, though many know the legends of the Man-Bears that prowl the forests at night.

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The full story

Orik Bjornstain

Headstrong is a word that any of clan Bjornstain would use to describe Orik. It was this attitude that has seen him at death’s door many times, though closest of which was a time in which he underestimated a small she-cub from the rivalling Filrend clan of Werebears. Hilda was her name, and she gravely wounded Orik, tearing his stomach asunder with a single swipe of her claws. He accepted his fate as his blood pooled in the snow below him, yet he could see regret in the eyes of the young Hilda.

She tended to him, stitching his wound together with thread from her own clothes and feeding him healing herbs to remedy him. Though he protested, wishing to die an honorable death, Hilda ensured he did not get his wish. She dragged him to a nearby cave and for several days they waited as Hilda nursed him to health. When he could stand on his own two feet again, Hilda fled. Orik, who would usually lie about the encounter when he returned, painting himself as a victor, instead told his clanmates of the encounter and how the woman that struck him down nursed him to life again. This caused a meeting between the clans and their centuries of bad blood was put aside.

Orik had become completely infatuated with Hilda, and sought to win her favour and her father’s favour. When he told the head of Clan Filrend his intentions he was mocked, and told that the truce does not mean he would want his daughter to be bedded by a feral of Bjornstain, claiming that he would sooner have a feather of the Moon Devil before marrying Hilda off to Orik.

Thus Orik found the Moon Devil, a fearsome creature that even the Werebears revered with fear. He fought the beast, and though Hilda followed in secret she did not intervene. Both Orik and the Moon Devil left the fight injured, though Orik managed grab a handful of the monster’s feathers, displaying them to the Clan Head. Hilda and Orik became bonded soon after, leaving the lands of their clans and finding a place to call home near the town of Winderig in Karkanoth. There they wished to attempt their best to live a life alien to their own: a civilised life. Though they keep as much distance as they can from the town, they have become known as a family of hermits and hunters along with their two children, though none seem to suspect or know of their true natures.

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