Hilda Bjornstain – Mother Bear


A Werebear from birth who has never known the comforts of civilization. Hilda is fiercely territorial and often finds herself amidst feuds with neighbouring Werewolf and Werebear clans. She is the wife of Orik Bjornstain, and together the two reside in relative peace in a cottage with two children north of Havenmond.

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The full story

Hilda Bjornstain – Mother Bear

Werebear clans make up a significant but mostly secretive population across northern Tharador. The vast expanses of wilderness and relative remoteness of these regions provides concealment to the Werebears who have their own society far removed from the laws and borders of men and regular civilization. It was here in the wilderness that Hilda was raised, part of a moderate sized clan that held their territory on the southern banks of the Sperre river in Greypeak. The Filrend clan would often quarrel with the Bjornstains to their south. In one such territorial dispute Hila gravely wounded a Bearman almost twice her size. Her conscience would not allow her to sit idly by watching the man slowly bleed to death, thus in his confusion and against his wishes she began to heal him, stitching together his wound and feeding him restorative herbs she found in the scrub nearby.

This single action saw peace emerge from the two clans and the ancient feuds between them lulled for a time. In Hilda Orik became instantly infatuated, making the daring move of entering the home of the Filrend clan and asking Hilda’s father for their souls to be entwined. Hilda felt an attraction to Orik as well, though her father greatly disapproved, opting to send Orik on a suicide mission instead in his bid to claim his daughter’s heart. From the beast that lurked to the south, that commoners called The Moon Devil, Orik was to retrieve a single feather. All knew this monster was capable of eviscerating a man in full plate armour in a single swoop, the hide of a Werebear held little chance.

Still, Orik blinded in love sought out the creature, and in secret Hilda followed for she wished to try to catch him to dissuade him from throwing away the life she had saved. Though Orik was stubborn, claiming she had saved his life so that he might spend it eternally with her. He found himself in the woods of the Moon Devil, and perched upon the branch of a great Redwood he saw it, eying him deviously. He charged at the beast and though was wounded in the fight, came out with a handful of its feathers before it grew annoyed at the altercation and simply flew away.

On presenting the feathers to the head of the Filrend clan, the leader reluctantly gave Orik his blessing to marry his daughter. Hilda wished to be far from her clan, and the clan of Orik. South they travelled, into the woods and near the bounds of the Brightstone town of Winderig. There they built a home, and took their chance to try to become civilised, a life entirely different to what they were used to. From the woods on the outskirts the couple became known as secluded hermits, fearless hunters. The two had twins together, a daughter and son, also Werebears.

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