Velandrin Wolfsbane


An ex-Bloodhunter who left the ranks of the Brightstone Bloodhunters several years prior. Velandrin was deemed to fervent and passionate for her hatred of the unholy and undead even for them. Anything that might get in her way in her quest to purge might as well be undead themselves in her eyes.

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The full story

Velandrin Wolfsbane

In Brighstone Bloodhunters are considered elite fighters, comparable to the most elite paladins of the Tharameni across the other kingdoms of Tharador. Their training is harsh, long and not for the faint of heart. For the enemies they fight are far worse than the standard rabble of undead or orcs that others might be set against. Their enemies lie in the Frozen Wastes of Oldavor: Shapeshifters, Goliath Bloodmages and Necromancers, Nix Centipedes, Yokun Golems and all manner of Aberrations.

After a few years of service and expeditions into Oldavor, Velandrin realised this was a fruitless endeavour. The horrors of the wastes held little threat beyond the borders in her mind. For her the true threat felt closer to home, for on one such range she returned to learn her father mother and younger siblings had been torn to shreds by a pack of Werewolves in their family home on the eaves of forests south of the Great Havel Range.

Feeling responsible, having not been there to protect them, Velandrin quit. She became a freelancer monster hunter, taking work as it was required and travelling from town to town across Tharador’s north to earn a living and hope to find some sort of clue as to her family’s killers.

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