A Desperate Defense


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A Desperate Defense can be either combat or roleplay intensive. The situation laid before the party may seem simple at first, yet more can be revealed as layers are peeled back uncovering the strings that orchestrate the situation. The party can choose to delve deeper into this and unravel the conspiracy, or approach things the old fashioned way.



A Desperate Defense 5e Campaign

The Tree of Brel Vardra has stood since the first men walked upon Tharador. Now its strength wanes as the industrialized armies of Alimroth have their sights set upon it, seeing it and the druids that protect it as a sign of witchcraft from a bygone time. Though lost to them is the knowledge that the trees’ death will see the death of all plant life in their land.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the region of Alimroth
  • 3x Full size A2 printable map of the city of Halvoy
  • 1x Original short-length 5E module set within Halvoy, Brel Vardra and its surrounding lands as the party tries to resolve the situation, either with force or peacefully
  • 12x Original Statblocks for CR10-13 characters to be used in the campaign