Mindoriel’s Awakening 5e Saga (Digital)


Saga 3 from our successful Kickstarter – Greywind’s Guide To Tharador

What starts as an innocuous encounter in a stayover town in Tharador’s north unfolds into a much greater world shattering revelation. Creatures of the Dark Goddess Mindoriel are beginning to awake once more. Though the few mortal powers that could halt this are embroiled in war. The party must break through the impenetrable Arcane Dome that surrounds Leacianus and find a seer to bring light to these ill omens, or ultimately find themselves in a battle against Mindoriel and her Spawn as they assault Tharador once more thousands of years since their last defeat.

  • 45 Paper Miniatures: Fully coloured tokens for the main NPCs and creatures of this 4 part saga. (Or purchase the STL files and 3D print our miniatures!)
  • 45 Statblocks: Enemies and allies alike each receive extensive and interesting statblocks to add flavour and fun into your fights.
  • 8 Battlemaps & 4 Region Maps: Fight across 8 beautiful battlemaps made from areas in the campaign and 3 region maps to aid in your journey.
  • 12 Magic Items: Through the campaign your party may loot some truly amazing magic items – divine relics and the weapons of the Champions of the Tharameni are some of the items that will be bestowed on your party through this saga.
  • 316 Pages 5e Campaign: A campaign saga split into four parts – four modules spanning level 10 to 18, this is our high level saga and not for the faint of heart. The fights will all be real challenges as your party will be battling Dark Gods and ancient warriors of evil that have not been seen for millennia.


Mindoriel's Awakening Modules

4 Part Saga from Level 5 to 13

Campaign 1: Blood From Stone

Sunless Strassen 5e Campaign Module

The never-sun-touched town of Strassen is warped in turmoil. The vampiric family that rules over the town now has their powers and restraint tested as gargoyles, unholy spawns of Mindoriel lay siege to the hearts and minds of their mortal subjects. With the entire town’s vampiric charm waning, the vampire lords and ladies must repel the gargoyles from their domain and reclaim hold of the town.

Campaign 2: Masters of the Arcane

The Sightless Seer 5e Campaign Module

War engulfs the isolated nation of Leacianus. Surrounded by an enormous arcane bubble, the high-elven nation is now invaded in its south as the Human Coalition forces breach its Arcane Wall. However in the north unease sits among the populace as a group of heroes must navigate through the ever-changing alien land with its rampant arcane animations and elite military to find a blind seer that may help prevent catastrophe.

Campaign 3: Divine Awakening

Divine Awakening 5e Campaign Module

Whispers of the awakening of the dark goddess Mindoriel have been heard in Tharador. An evil bent on the destruction of mortals that has slumbered in a frozen rest now thaws and her sights are set on the mortals of Tharador once again. The divine of Tharador nervously stir and seek aid in mortal champions – heralds to aid them in the divine war that is to come.

Campaign 4: Fire & Fey

A Desperate Defense 5e Campaign Module

The Tree of Brel Vardra has stood since the first men walked upon Tharador. Now its strength wanes as the industrialized armies of Alimroth have their sights set upon it, seeing it and the druids that protect it as a sign of witchcraft from a bygone time. Though lost to them is the knowledge that the trees’ death will see the death of all plant life in their land.