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A Gift To All Our Patron's & Tribe Members.

Throwback Welcome Stash

Looking for another reason to join one of Patreon's fastest growing 3D modelling teams?

Well here’s your reason. Welcome to our Welcome Stash! Featuring an ever growing list of our highest quality models, and campaign content. All 100% free and included for our subscribers.

Miniature Welcome Stash

  • 1 model from every past DM Stash release:
  • 42x high quality STL models in 32mm
  • 42x high quality STL models in 75mm
  • Pre-supported and un-supported versions of all models
  • LYS files so you can modify supports to your preference
  • + 1 additional throwback model added per month!

5e Campaign Welcome Stash

  • Pursuit of a Renegade Prince 5E Campaign Module (12+ sessions)
  • 42x Monster and NPC Stat Blocks
  • 10x Detailed Battle Maps & 1 World Map of Tharador
  • 8x Magic Items
  • 5x Unique Subclasses
  • 2x Mercenary Contracts

42 Exciting Models - Free for every Subscriber

Amazing work by DM Stash! The high quality design made my job of painting a lot easier. I would definitely recommend their sets.


Pursuit of a Renegade Prince 5e Campaign

Our Welcome Stash campaign is descriptive, grounding your players within this renaissance era fantasy world while also introducing a fun string of adventures and original magical items for them to find. Gather your party and adventure forth to your first steps in Tharador, taking role of either one of the parties in their own contracts and jobs until Ash of Goltia’s betrayal shakes the foundations of The Golden Griffins.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of Belfrie Sovereignty and part of its surrounding kingdoms
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of Velandria City
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of Tradver City
  • 3x A4 printable Golden Griffins Contracts to give to your party
  • 1x NEW Ranger Subclass – Ranger Conclave 
  • 1x Original mid-length 5E campaign module set within Velandria and Tradver

The Pursuit of a Renegade Prince Campaign aims to be an introduction to the continent of Tharador: a historically rich continent with diverse biomes and kingdoms. The minis themselves are real NPCs (or pre-made PCs) with their own personalities and history. This campaign leads perfectly into May 21 RPG Pack: Specialists of The Golden Griffins.

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